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— Techniques —

Gold Leaf





— Gold Leaf —


Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is the finest and most delicate piece of metal you will encounter. Gold leaf is the foundational material in my work, a material that has a long and rich history, and its usage spans millennia.

Gold-leaf-gilding is the practice of applying gold leaf to other materials or objects —in this case, glass. The techniques of reverse-glass gilding was a well known practice around the turn of the century, but the sign-painting and glass-gilding industry was close to dying out, as the technological advances of the 20th century took hold of our everyday lives. 

Luckily, through the hard work of a few gifted artists, the techniques of gold leaf gilding on glass are still alive, and I intend to do my part to enrich my own life as well as that of others, by creating exquisite signage of elegance and beauty.


— Glue Chipping —


Glue Chipping

I fell in love with this technique the first time I got to try it out for myself, and it has become an essential part of my practice. It is satisfying to be able to manipulate the glass itself, not just the layers of paint and gold added onto it. 

Glue chipping is a process of glass-embossing, that chips away surface layers of the glass, creating beautiful and fully organic patterns of a crystalizing effect. The craftsman tries the best he can to control the surface areas and the process itself with precision. However, eventually, the artist will have to let go of his control and let the chipping process do its own magic. It is here where the frosty/crystal like patterns are created and sporadically comes into being. 

— Sketches & illustrations —


Sketches & Illustrations

While much of my focus revolves around crafting with glass and gold, every design has to come form somewhere, and it all starts with a sketch. 

As I want every piece I make to be completely bespoke, meaning it is custom-made, it is important to me that every design start completely from scratch. 

In a design industry that is operating at a higher velocity that ever before, it is easy to jump right to the digital stage of development. To me, a certain element of creativity is gained in the hand, letting the motion of my hand guide the first strokes of a design onto paper. I believe this is a central part of my message, and something that is all to easily overlooked by graphic designers nowadays. It takes time, but to me it is more than worth it.